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Product Details

Product #: 2997
Assembly required: Yes
Shipping: United States and International

Product Description

A sophisticated play between the light and elegant structure and the reassuring call of the rolls, in exquisite materials, characterizes the innovative soul of the Byron project. Harmonious lines and formal rigor converge to form a seating system with a strong sartorial personality.

The clean-cut and sophisticated aesthetics hide innovative and traditional materials which are skilfully blended to generate supreme comfort. The inviting seat, the ergonomic cushions and different depth options (92 and 102 cm) enable the creation of a sofa suitable for all relaxation or hospitality requirements.

The combination of conventional arm rests or mobile rolls breaks the composition down, creating a dynamic and highly project-oriented style. The bouquet of materials and textures featured in the collection brings to life a multitude of creative blends. Unusual blends, mitigated by the harmonious character of Byron, which always exude well-balanced and refined tastefulness.

The universe of accessories and complementary items which gravitates around Byron exalts its compositional ductility and expressiveness. The play of overlapping side tables, recurring materials and colours defines a captivating and personal style for living interiors.

The combination of technology and savoir-faire creates unique objects, rich in allure. The decisive and slender lines of the aluminium base run along Byron, engaging in dialogue with exclusive leather and fabric finishes: piping stitching draws precise volumes and expresses fine tailoring.

Designer Information

The great sartorial experience and industrial precision describe the essential characteristics of ART NOVA, highlighting the quality and flexibility of production. Since 1976 creativity, style and design define a “know-how” profile of the company. ART NOVA is a worldwide privileged referent to exclusive show-rooms, but also a reliable partner in custom-made design projects. Art Nova moves in the realization of products able to dress with harmony, style and rigor of contemporary everyday life, day after day, adhering to the evolution of the image and functionality of the furniture. Products Art Nova reflect the personal aesthetic choice and functional customer, always witnessing a common taste for pleasure and beauty of home living, and interpreters of that quality and creativity that have distinguished the company since the 70s.

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